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'Chicago P.D.' spoilers, season 2 news: Unexpected death ahead in episode 1x15

Will Jin survive season 1 of 'Chicago P.D.'?
Photo by Leonard Adam/Getty Images

The season 1 “Chicago P.D.” finale airs Wednesday night and fans are bracing themselves for a wild episode. Is there a big cliffhanger ahead? Will the show be back for season 2? On Wednesday TV Guide shared some “Chicago P.D.” spoilers that fans won't want to miss.

Executive producer Matt Olmstead teases “Chicago P.D.” spoilers that there is another death coming in episode 1x15. The season 1 finale, titled “A Beautiful Friendship,” will feature a death tied to the meetings between Jin and Stillwell. It is teased that this is definitely an unexpected death and viewers will even know who was behind it. There is also said to be a “major bomb” dropping at the end of the episode that paves the way for season 2. Luckily “Chicago P.D.” season 2 is indeed on the way for this fall.

This big death will have a sizable impact for many, but viewers should expect to see Voight hit particularly hard. Additional “Chicago P.D.” spoilers indicate that Lindsay will be trying to keep her past from impacting her future. This will be a big challenge when Charlie wants something from her and he holds a secret over her head to get what he wants. Not only is Charlie back, but Nadia returns as well. Lindsay will turn to Halstead for help, and it seems he may come up with a solution for her.

Fans may worry that Burgess is on the way out given Atwater's presence, but that isn't the case. In fact, almost everybody will be back for “Chicago P.D.” season 2 from the sounds of things. Of course at this point, the big question is: who dies?

The show's Facebook page teases the “Chicago P.D.” spoiler that during the season 1 finale “Voight discovers Jin's secret,” and it's clear he's prepared to get ugly in response. Just who will die, and is it someone fans care about? Tune in to the “Chicago P.D.” season 1 finale airing on Wednesday, May 21 to find out.

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