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‘Chicago P.D.’ death shocks on season finale; NBC viewers get to see killer

Jason Beghe
Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Fans of “Chicago P.D.” better be ready for another character to die on the season finale. The show has pushed boundaries in formulas for television episodes and this final episode before the summer hiatus is no exception. There is going to be some serious revelations and it sets up the next season so fans will be prepped for the story when the characters return in the fall. According to Seattle PI on Tuesday, the show killed off a character on the first episode and they will be killing another on Wednesday night.

This “Chicago P.D.” spoiler gives details on the season finale episode called “A Beautiful Friendship.” Fans who want to watch the show without the additional information should stop reading now. The show debuted strong in the first season and was renewed by NBC for another great season starting in September.

Atwater is settling into his new gig on intelligence and might need to get comfortable as he could be there a while. Antonio is relegated to desk duty while recovering and it seems to be harder than it looks. As the dynamics of the situation changes, the viewers see the different struggles the characters are facing.

Lindsay finally realizes she has no way out and she decides to confide in Hank Voight for help. This bold move might offer her relief, but it could cause more problems depending on the outcome. Meanwhile Jin is confronted about his secret meetings with Stillwell.

The executive producer, Matt Olmstead, told TVGuide that the viewers won’t be left in the dark about the conclusion surrounding the unexpected death in the finale. Promising that people watching will know who the suspect is and why they did it, the show seems to be set up a cliffhanger for the next season.

“Chicago P.D.” airs Wednesday night at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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