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'Chicago P.D.:' Corrupt cop is apparently reformed

Jason Beghe plays Sergeant Hank Voight on Chicago P.D.
Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

On Thursday night “Chicago P.D.” premiere, a spin-off from Chicago Fire, and it picks up the story of this corrupt cop who on Chicago Fire targeted the girlfriend of one of the firefighters and was indicted on corruption and attempted murder, but for no specific reason he is released, with apparently just a slap on the wrist, he is reinstated into the police force, not just that, but is given the leadership of a newly formed intelligence task force for the Chicago Police Department. Now, does this sound like a believable premise, much less does it sound as someone who week after week will be watched and cheered for? He is a corrupt cop pretending to be good to those he feels, in his all mightiness, deserve a second chance.

Jason Beghe plays Sergeant Hank Voight a dislikeable character with a holier than thou attitude that is sickening to those viewers who watched him stalked, terrorized and just about murder the one person who was witnessed to his son killing an innocent motorist while drinking and driving.

In the premiere episode of “Chicago P.D.” a fellow officer is shot and killed in the line of duty, and for a moment we are touched by his wrath towards another cop who withheld information, thus, allowing the police task force to ran into an ambush. The episode continues next week as the son of a detective in the task force is kidnapped, this officer is one of the honest one’s and viewers were given a taste of what this honorable cop might become in order to save his son.

“Chicago P.D.” runs on Thursday at 10:00 p.m. EDT on NBC.

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