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Chicago needs National Guard to help deter Violent Crime

Chicago Police Chief McCarthy
Chicago Police Chief McCarthy
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Chicago - The arrival of warmer temps in the city of Chicago also means the return of violent crime. After a long, snowy and cold Winter, the month of April saw 159 young people between the ages of 13 and 25 shot. 27 of those people did not survive.
Including a 14 year old girl who was murdered by another 14 year old girl over a Face book dispute.

Its a never ending cycle, every year as temperatures begin to rise. Despite the best efforts of city officials and community leaders. Young people continue to die on the streets of Chicago at alarming rates. Chicago Police Chief McCarthy says that violent crime is down and he has made violent crime a priority, committing more foot patrols in communities that are prone to high crime. The Feds have even gotten involved, but children are still being killed in the cities war zones on a regular basis.

Many in Chicago, tired of the constant blaring of police sirens, and the news of another senseless loss of young life feel that its time to call in the Illinois National Guard. Not to declare war on the streets against gangs and drug dealers. But to help bring a sense of calm to the city during the warm summer months, to provide an almost certain deterrent to the violent crime. And why not?

There is a sense that a lot of the people who participate in these violent crimes, simply are not afraid of the consequences and have no respect or fear of the Chicago police. They lay in wait for the perfect opportunity and target their victims. Seemingly almost like a video game, where offenders harm or kill at will without respect for the life of others.

The National Guard could not only provide much needed support to the Chicago Police, but they would also re-establish a sense of safety in the city's communities. A sense that is missing in many communities throughout the city. Some will undoubtedly protest along the grounds of civil liberties but are those very same civil liberties any less violated with bands of gun toting thugs roaming the streets?

Its time stop playing politics and games with the lives of the people of Chicago. Its time to call in the National Guard to help make the streets of Chicago safe again.

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