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Chicago Music History: Anthony Braxton

Chicago Music History: Anthony Braxton
Photograph by Carolyn Wachnicki

Anthony Braxton doesn’t like to be stereotyped. Just because he is of darker pigment and plays everything in the Saxophone family, he shouldn’t be considered a jazz musician. One of the earliest big label signees out of Chicago, Anthony Braxton considers his genre to be “Creative”. Braxton has put out albums under several large music labels, including Arista, Del Mark, and BYG Actuel. The saxophonist also has worked with music legends Chick Corea and John Cage. Braxton is someone all Chicagoans should salute.
Born in the Windy City on June, 4th , 1945, Braxton became involved with the saxophone as a teenager and attended the Chicago School of Music. After graduating from Roosevelt with a degree in Philosophy, Braxton found himself playing with an army band while stationed in Korea.
Soon After his return to the States, Braxton made history. The saxophonist released the very first album that featured the Soprano Saxophone, entitled “For Alto”, alongside his band, The Creative Construction Co.. Braxton has released over one hundred albums in his career and is still very active. His body of work has earned him several prestigious awards, including a MacAuthor Genius grant.
Anthony Braxton isn’t your common superstar, but his resume is historic in terms of instrumental branching and dynamic composition. He’s currently managing his newest opera, Trillium J. To find out more about Anthony Braxton please click on the links below.