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Chicago Miracle Child and her mother's letter about Mary Alice Quinn
Edward Shanahan - Chicago Medium, Chicago Paranormal Host.

by Edward Shanahan

Chicago paranormal has known supernatural locations, but only one that offers miracles for those seeking them. It is an honor for me to be able to keep on presenting information pertaining to Mary Alice Quinn who is known as the Chicago Miracle Child, as it is presented to me.

In this article list you will find a copy of a letter (includes a photo of Mary Alice Quinn), I viewed and I have been told that it was typed up by the mother of Mary Alice Quinn and was given to a playmate / relative of Mary Alice Quinn and it has been passed on to me by that individual's relative. You can read it on my Facebook post here without being a friend.

I stand strong due to the miracle that was granted to my granddaughter and those I have accompanied to Mary Alice Quinn's grave site, that it is not a Chicago paranormal, haunted ghost tour location, but a location for miracles and should be presented as such.

It has been asked, is Mary Alice Quinn Chicago's unofficial Saint? Here is a newspaper article pertaining to that question.

Edward Shanahan
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