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Chicago man uses kickstarter to fund his burrito habit

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Kickstarter, a tool that people use to help raise money for special projects that range from artists who need help funding for everything from photography and graphic novels to movies and chicken burritos ... wait, chicken burritos?

Noboru Bitoy, a graphic design student in Chicago started a Kickstarter just to help raise a whopping $8 for a burrito from Chipotle. After 170 contributors pitched in, he ended up raising $650, according to Instead of just eating and enjoying the burrito, Bitoy decided to “rate the amount of deliciousness” of the burrito. Moving forward with the information, he would then start to chart how delicious the burrito was with a graph.

In the video he posted, Bitoy wrote “Just how delicious is a chicken burrito from my local Chipotle? I will find & display the answer in a creative presentation!”

Bitoy offered a “tasty” rating from the scale of “No” to “Wow!” His verdict on the chicken burrito … “Yum!”

He then later expanded his campaign to also include "a test to truly see how the burrito flavor is changed when it is a leftover meal” and then opted to “consume 24 variations of the Chipotle Chicken Burrito.”

Apparently, people were pretty fascinated with the idea, which resulted in them continuing to donate money. What will he do with the money? According to the CBS Local, “He’s not wasting the cash being sent to him.”

So what’s next on Bitoy’s plate? He explains, “The other night I was thinking, ‘How much more delicious would a Chicken Burrito from Chipotle be… if I was plummeting from the heavens?”’ he wrote. “That's right, Kickstarter community. I am going to make an infographic detailing just how delicious a chicken burrito is when eaten during a SKYDIVE.”

So what would you do for a Klondike Bar? Or, in this case, a chicken burrito?



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