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Chicago man jumps in front of train to save woman

A man jumped in front of a train in Chicago today to help a woman that fell on the subway tracks, reported.

Eddie Palacios, a checked baggage supervisor for the Transportation Security Agency, was waiting for the Blue Line train on his way to work when he heard people shouting that a woman fell on the tracks. Palacios, who was wearing an orange hoodie, jumped on to the tracks in an effort to get the conductor's attention to stop an oncoming train. The train stopped and other good Samaritans helped the woman up.

"We're human, and we need each other. That's the bottom line. We really do. We've got to. It's nice that people acknowledge, but I think it's nicer to know the young lady is fine, and it's nicer to know I had a small part. We all have a small part in everybody's lives," Palacios told DNAinfo Chicago.

Federal Security Director Kathleen Petrowsky said, "He put himself in harm’s way to save another, he is a hero pure and simple. Because of his brave actions, a person is alive today."