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Chicago Home Sellers Series: The Emotion of Selling

Condominium Balconies
Condominium Balconies
Liane Pruchnik

Deciding to sell your home is never an easy decision to make. Now, even more so. You have probably looked carefully at the factors that are prompting you to list your home for sale, some of them may include the following:

  • Job Change
  • Loss of Job
  • Change in Income
  • New Addition to the Family - Need More Space
  • Empty-Nester's - Need Less Space
  • Convenience
  • Divorce
  • Loss of a Loved One

It is said that selling a home is right behind death and divorce as the most stressful events in a persons life. Why? Because your home is so personal to you. It is a haven. Comfort. Protection. It is where memories are made. That is why when you need to sell your home it is now harder then ever to not be emotional about leaving.

Here are some tips to help you over the emotional hurdle and get your home sold quickly.

Tell Yourself - It's Not Your Home Anymore:
You must remove yourself emotionally from the home and see it through potential buyers eyes. Know that some lucky home buyer is going to enjoy every room in the house just as much as you did - and treasure every moment spent there.

The Memories Go With You When You Leave: You must stage the home so a potential buyer can see themselves and their belongs in the property. So, when removing personal items, knick-knacks, photos, books, movies in the staging process allow yourself to reminisce, and then seal up the packing box and put it on the moving truck.  Your memories will always be with you. They are not confined to four walls and a roof.

Make Selling Your Home About Money, NOT Memories: This is the largest financial decision you will ever make in your life and in a tight market like we have today you must look at your home with a critical eye and price your home within the available comparables. Disassociate yourself from you home and remember overpricing your home will not just waste time but money, and will sell the competition first.

Trust Your Realtor:  No Realtor would make you do something unnecessarily. If you are struggling with pricing or staging advice, ask for a more detailed explanation. If you need to just talk to someone, pick up the phone.  Your Realtor, friends and family are here to support you in anyway they can.

Look to the Future:
  You are embarking on a new journey. Enjoy this new turn your life is taking. Look back fondly but embrace your new path.

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  • Carrie 5 years ago

    Telling yourself it is not your home anymore is really important. It helped me get past all the changes I needed to make to market my house.

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