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Chicago gun sales ban is unconstitutional: Federal judge

Chicago Gun Ordinance ruled unconstitutional
Chicago Gun Ordinance ruled unconstitutional

Chicago’s gun sales ban has been deemed unconstitutional by United States District Judge Edmond Chang. The portion of the Chicago gun ordinance that was struck down by the judge is a major part of the ordinance, according to a Chicago Tribune report on Monday night.

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The judge asserts that prohibiting licensed gun stores from conducting business in Chicago is unconstitutional. He claims that the city of Chicago was not convincing when trying to tell him that banning gun sales via licensed gun deals was needed to reduce gun violence in the city.

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Additionally, persons may now transfer ownership of a firearm as a gift or via a private sale – if the one receiving the gun is at least 18 years old and has a firearm owner’s identification card.

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Chicago – which had the nation’s highest murder rate of over 500 murders throughout the city in 2012 – ironically has had one of the most stringent handgun laws in the nation. Chicago was the last city in the nation to allow its residents to have a handgun in their own homes.

Just yesterday, Jan. 5, 2014, Illinois started to accept applications from its citizens who would like to carry concealed firearms in public. Illinois was that last of the 50 states to make concealed firearms legal – after a long, hard battle fought by pro-guns persons and organizations.

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