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Chicago ghost tour to Explore and Experience July 19th with Kaczmarek & Shanahan

Headstones at Monks Castle
Edward Shanahan - Chicago Medium, Chicago Paranormal Host.

Explore and Experience Ghost Tour in the Chicago land area Saturday July 19th and limited to just 13 individuals. Dale Kaczmarek and Edward Shanahan will for the first time, bring their skills, knowledge, abilities and years of experiences, together to present this unique Explore and Experience Ghost Tour.

For more information and to order the limited amount of tickets available go to:

Any questions on reserving can be directed to Dale from the web site.

The thing about this tour is Dale and Edward have actually lived in the area of the S.W. Suburbs most haunted locations and spent years exploring and experiencing the locations as Edward was exploring and experiencing Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in 1974 at the age of 16.

Edward Shanahan has written two books about the paranormal and supernatural and are based on his actual experiences. Edward also has been included in four other authors books on the paranormal.

Dale for years now has run a top paranormal investigation team ‘Ghost Research Society’ in the Chicago land area with the investigation of many private locations to their credit.

Dale has been running Excursions Into The Unknown - Chicago Ghost Tours in the Chicago land area since 1982 and speaking at many locations earlier then that as he has been professionally investigating ghosts and hauntings since 1975.

Dale and Ed both are featured in the new documentary: The Real Bachelor's Grove Documentary.

Together Dale will be providing the investigator's knowledge and history of experiences at the locations and Edward will with abilities and experience as a Spirit Feeler at many of the locations, assist individuals also in experiencing the paranormal as he has in the past with his Chicago Paranormal Nights that he schedules.

Join them for this unique experience to explore the paranormal locations.
Explore and Experience Chicago Ghost Tour Saturday July 19th.

Edward Shanahan - web site
Facebook page for Edward Shanahan

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