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Chicago gardening motto

Winter in Chicago
Winter in Chicago
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Chicago gardeners, dedicated readers and newcomers to this column might find it helpful to study important benchmarks for successful gardening during this season of preparation. Gardening is an exciting, invigorating and worthwhile hobby for everyone, regardless of their economic, political or social position.

This column’s motto—“Live long and well—garden.”—reflects the significance of this interest for the wellbeing of a person. Gardening is challenging and healthy for the mind and spirit. It supplements a family’s food supply, making it an important cost-cutting measure.

Gardening is interesting and exciting. It challenges the gardener to accomplish great outcomes in the space available. Where can I grow a garden? What plants will grow in that space? Should my garden be indoors or outside? Gardening is exciting when plants grow and when gardening experiments are successful.

Exercise is necessary for healthy living, and gardening provides a total body workout. Gardeners, including indoor gardeners, bend, lift, pull, push, stoop, stretch and walk in their gardens daily, for hours at a time. After they have worked their bodies to the max, they exercise their brains designing and planning their future creations of lush, natural beauty. Exercising the body and brain equals a total body workout.

Supplementing the family food supply is economically sound. For less than $10, enough seeds can be purchased to provide many months of food. One can even save more money by drying and planting the seeds from produce purchased in a market. Think of all the seeds in one tomato, cucumber or pepper. The money saved by growing produce can be used for high priced items like meat.

Gardening will enrich life and save money. It makes a gardener happy, healthy and smart. It’s also fun.

Live long and well—garden.

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