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'Chicago Fire' finale leaves fans curious about the fate of everyone

Taylor Kinney
Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Fans of "Chicago Fire" are still in shock after the big season two finale tonight. On Tuesday night, fans were left wondering about the entire cast of the show pretty much and who would survive. TV Line shared a recap tonight about how it all went down for Firehouse 51.

The show started out with Dawson finding out that she had only two shifts left there and would be moving to her new fire house. Casey went over to talk to one of the guys he knows and make sure that he realizes they are together. He wants her taken care of and not set up for failure.

Soon after that they had to respond to a fire at a school. They were unsure if people were inside or not so most of the firemen had to rush into the house to look around and find students. Boden is trying to get everyone over the radio and things are just not working out because nobody is answering him. Finally Severide comes out of the building, but he somehow missed one kid inside. This 10-year-old was hurt pretty bad and it weighs on him so much he goes to talk to Lindsay.

Casey proposed to Dawson but of course they didn't let fans know if she said yes or not. It would be really shocking if she turns him down, but work called as the buzzer went off and it was time to get to a call. Once inside the building they lost service and Boden couldn't hear his men inside again. The episode ended as everyone was inside and nobody was answering their radios. The building blew up at the top leaving viewers to wonder who survives.

Carter Matt shared that there are not really any spoilers out for the next season yet. There is no news of any of the main cast members being put on new shows and they all signed for up to six seasons if the show sticks around that long. You can easily assume that there will not be any kind of time jump considering they left a ton of cliffhangers at the end of this season.

"Chicago Fire" will return for season three in the fall of 2014-2015. It will continue to air on NBC. At this time, there is no exact return date for the show.

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