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Chicago Fire ends season two with an epic explosion

Chicago Fire cast and crew members
Chicago Fire cast and crew members
Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

Season finales are the best when the ending just blows you away. Maybe that is too literal of speech for the season finale of Chicago Fire. Lots of positive things came from the episode. They teased the audience with Severide inside the boarding school and not responding. This was also used in the preview and had audience members holding their breath. It is the season finale after all, something shocking is on its way for sure.
The ten year old kid they found in their secondary search was a devastating find, but the situation turned around toward the end of the episode when the kid made a turn for the better. The parents were crying in joy when Severide went to the hospital for the second time.
Chief Boden gets married in this episode. He was so angry that he couldn’t get married in the church he wished for, but the house did something special and planned a special surprise at the firehouse for the wedding. Peter Mills got certified online to marry them and the rest of the house decorated with the fire trucks and set up some chairs for the ceremony. There was even a short reception and a proposal from Casey to Dawson just as the alarms sound for both trucks and the ambulance to go to a call. Boden rides with the acting chief for the shift to the call.
Everyone gets to the fire. It doesn’t look like much so they send everyone in. Severide and squad go in for search and rescue as well as Casey and his truck head into the building to vent the roof. There is a call about them finding someone so Shay and Dawson rush into the building. Suddenly things begin to change. The radios are not communicating well. The acting chief heads into the building to try to reach anyone inside. They cannot get any responses. Audience members saw something coming. The camera angles constantly hint to what is to come.
Chief Boden is the only one outside. Everyone else from truck, squad, as well as Shay and Dawson are in that building when it blows. Chief Boden tries to call for a response. He shouts and hurts as he yells and demands a response. He makes a mayday call and the season ends with the fate of everyone in the building unknown.