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Chicago Fire continues to push the limits

Monica Raymund
Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

Chicago Fire has always pushed some limits with the topics they bring up and the events that occur on the show. The constant battles with Detective Voight in previous seasons was suspenseful and brought light to deep topics like dirty cops. It was a tough subject to bring up and the show did it with pride. Of course, the good guys won and Voight was put away, but not forever.
A spin off occurred because of this change. Detective Voight has his own show, with his own team. Viewers also see a different side of him, and wonder if he is such a bad cop or not. There is no doubt he is dirty, but why does he do it.
In the most recent episode of Chicago Fire, Monica Raymund as Gabby Dawson goes through some tough times and decisions. She has decided to retake her firefighter exam. She failed due to an injury while Rebecca Jones cheated her way into passing. It was a tough time for her. She recovered from her injury and moved on from it. She finally started to like Jones and Jones started to really trust her and lean on her. Dawson was away for the weekend, but when she returned she got the news that Jones had committed suicide.
Suicide is a touchy subject. Not only did Chicago Fire bring it up once, but twice in one episode. It was a context clue to what was to come with Jones. Anyone who didn’t see it coming was not paying any attention. Her father pushed her to the breaking point. Dawson blamed Jones’s father. She brought Rebecca’s things to him to confront him in the best possible way, and he finally showed signs of regret for what he did.
The cast is an amazing cast that shows true emotion in every event the show creators throw at them. The next week’s episode is another cross over event with the spin off Chicago PD. It is going to be intense, you can tell by the brilliant previews they are showing. Dawson looks like she gets a front row seat to something crazy. Will she survive long enough to be proposed to? Only time will tell. Be sure to tune in next week.

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