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Chicago Fire and Chicago PD fight a bombing

Chicago Fire and Chicago PD cast
Chicago Fire and Chicago PD cast
Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

The latest Chicago Fire, Chicago PD cross over event started with a bang. Sorry to be so literal. It was race day in Chicago, a charity event for cancer. Members of the Chicago Fire Department and Police Department were among the volunteers setting up for the event when the bomb went off in front of the hospital. It is no coincidence that this episode aired so close to the anniversary of the Boston bombings.
There, of course, is another reference. This one is to the Oklahoma City bombing years ago. This reference tells the first responding fire department, house 51, that if this is some kind of copycat, that there will be a second bomb somewhere. Peter Mills is the hero twice on this cross over event. The first time is when he disarms the second bomb. Thank goodness for that squad training. The second time is on the Chicago PD episode when he saves Detective Lindsay from one of the bombing suspects.
During the Chicago Fire episode Gabby Dawson goes missing, but is later found before that half of the cross over event ends. She is not seen in the Chicago PD half. Leslie Shay also has an injury that she neglects to tell anyone about. She falls and ends up with a huge gash in her abdomen. She ends up collapsing at the end of the Chicago Fire half of the cross over, and is recovering in the hospital in part two.
The biggest tear jerker is the two nine year old girls. One is the niece of Officer Burgess; the other is the sister of a doctor. Unfortunately the sister of the doctor ends up with the worst end of the stick. She no longer shows signs of brain activity. Her family decides to make sure her death wasn’t meaningless by donating a liver to Officer Burgess’s niece. This will save her life so only one nine year old dies from this cowardice act.
Thankfully Detective Voight and his team push the suspects to the breaking point to find the guy behind the bombing. They not only find him in time, but also in time to stop the third bomb from going off outside of the Fire Department headquarters.
Chicago Fire and Chicago PD have always pushed the limits with what is and isn’t okay to put on television. Bringing up the events such as bombings, especially at a race for charity, is still a very tough and touchy subject to bring up. They did it very well. They touched on the subject without pushing too far. They also brought it in a different direction to be sure not to make it about the Boston bombings. They brought up a relevant issue and caught the bad guy, making viewers very pleased.

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