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Chicago Film Profile - Kathleen Beckman

Kathleen Beckman is the Manager of Facets Children + Youth at Facets Multimedia, a Chicago nonprofit whose mission is “to preserve, present, distribute, and educate about film”. In this multi-part interview, Kathleen talks about how she got involved in Facets, the qualities of great children’s films, and the importance of imparting a passion for film in the next generation.
Kara Reddy: How did you get involved with Facets?
Kathleen Beckman: I moved to Chicago in 1997 to go to grad school at Columbia College, I’d got my undergrad degree in Film and Anthropology, and I came to Chicago to get my Masters in Arts Management. And through Columbia I heard about a one-day PA gig, with the Cable Ace Awards and I came up, and I did that, and I met a woman there – this is the importance of networking, because you never know who you’re going to meet and where that’s going to lead, which is why you should just be open to every opportunity that comes your way – there was a woman in my jury that said “Oh, you’re moving to Chicago? There’s this group I’m involved in, this organization you might be interested to volunteer for them.” So I moved up here, I hadn’t found a job in four days, so I called them, Facets, to volunteer, and there was a position open so [laughs] wham, I was hired, and it worked out.
KR: It worked out pretty well.
KB: It stuck! [laughs] So, I worked hard, and I had the right background and experience and I was enthusiastic about what it is that Facets is doing.

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