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Chicago February 2014 DePaul University Risk Management Monthly Event

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DePaul University's The Arditti Center for Risk Management Presents:

The Arditti Seminar Series February Session:

Risk Management and Policy Decision Making
Addressing the Big Things: The value of effective failure study

Good decision-making starts with the necessity of identifying the “big things” that really matter, and dealing with our over-reliance on instinct and pervasive use of the “induction fallacy.”

Although our natural bias favors the study of success, this process is insufficient and unsatisfactory, because the human default to instinctive decision-making reflects errors of bias and misperception – errors that can instead be reduced or avoided through “failure study.”

Speaker: James Peterson is a US-trained and qualified lawyer, concentrating for over thirty-five years on complex multi-national matters involving corporate securities and financial information. In law firm and individual practice, he has represented global companies, international accounting firms and their professional groups in disputes, negotiations, government agency proceedings and standard-setting. He teaches a graduate-level course in Risk Management at business and law schools in Chicago and Paris.

The Arditti Series is a monthly event. Click here for more information

Date: Tuesday, February 25th

Time: 7:45am to 9am. Event includes continental breakfast.

Venue: Department of Finance’s 5th floor Conference Room (5554), 1 E. Jackson Blvd, Chicago IL 60604.

For more information and RSVP email:

About Arditti Center: The Department of Finance at DePaul University in Chicago has established The Arditti Center for Risk Management to honor the lifetime achievements of Fred Arditti. The center commemorates his outstanding contributions to the theory and practice of risk management by coordinating activities that celebrate his life’s work.

The Arditti Center's mission is to promote excellence in the Education, Research and Practice of risk management.

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