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Chicago Cubs meet rooftop resistance over Toyota sign


Wrigley FieldThe Chicago Cub's proposal to hoist a large illuminated sign for Toyota above Wrigley Field looks to have met a stumbling block in the form of the owners of rooftop clubs that have an unobstructed view of the park. 

The Wrigley Rooftop Association stated that "The proposal violates the landmark status of the park and agreements with the surrounding community and we oppose it,” according to an article in the Sun-Times.

Wrigleyville's residents are upset that they've not been given an opportunity to elicit their opinions are receive answers to questions on how the sign will affect views into the stadium. 

“Allowing the Cubs organization to circumvent the landmark commitment it agreed to a few short years ago is unfair to the community that has strongly supported the team and annually welcomes over three million fans to the neighborhood,” the statement  continued. 

The Cubs, however, countered that not only has the club complied with city regulations and procedures, but has also met with rooftop owners to minimize the impact of the sign on the rooftop clubs. The Cubs claim that revenues from the sign will help offset the upkeep of the aging baseball park.

The Wrigley Rooftops are privately run businesses that struck a deal with the ball team in 2004 to pay 17% of their revenues for 20 years to the team in order to keep the clubs in business. This, a result of a "windscreen" the Cub's organization erected to keep the rooftop clubs from being able to see into the park. 

Agreement or not, each baseball season draws Chicago's rooftop purveyors into fights with the Cubs, an organization that they claim to love. Wrigley Rooftops are officially endorsed by the Chicago Cubs.

According to a 2005 New York Times article, the best views from Wrigley Field are outside the park, from a rooftop. A 2008 poll in the USA Today, showed that Wrigley's Rooftops were voted as the fourth best place in the nation to watch a game. 

As someone who doesn't have an opinion on the sign, I would think that Toyota would be the last automaker the Cubs would want to highlight. 


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