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Chicago crime: Man robbed across the street from Mayor Rahm Emanuel's house

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's home, on the North Side of Chicago, being protected by Chicago police officers during the NATO Summit in 2012
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's home, on the North Side of Chicago, being protected by Chicago police officers during the NATO Summit in 2012
Scott Paulson

It doesn’t get much worse than this for a city. People have complained about a city mayor’s house, street and neighborhood getting more protection by the city’s finest than anyone else because the “important guy” lives there. They complain that if you live on a block with a city politician – at least in Chicago – the potholes are non-existent while they are practically everwhere else in the city, the garbage always gets picked up on time, the street always gets cleaned, the trees along the street always get trimmed from the sidewalks and the vehicular thoroughfare promptly, and more. Chicago has proven to be right in line with those beliefs in many regards, but it appears that crime in Chicago can’t even be controlled on the street where its number one resident lives. A man was robbed right across the street from Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s house on Thursday morning, according to a Chicago Tribune report on Thursday.

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Emanuel and his family live on the city’s North Side in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago, where a man was reportedly walking down the mayor’s street at approximately 5:45 a.m. In Chicago style, a white van pulled up, stopped, and the driver got out and asked the man, “What are you doing around here?” The walker responded by saying, “I can’t hear you. I’m deaf.”

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Then the man who disembarked from the van reached into his back pocket, giving the impression that he had a weapon, and ordered the 29-year-old deaf walker – who is apparently assisted somewhat by a hearing aid he was wearing - to hand over his backpack. As the thief requested, the victim threw his backpack on the ground. As one would imagine, the successful thief picked the bag up and left hurriedly in his vehicle.

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The victim then saw a Chicago police officer who was on duty, sitting in a squad car nearby as he was watching and protecting Rahm Emanuel’s home.

The thief is described as a Hispanic male with brown eyes and a medium complexion, standing from 5-foot-9 to 5-foot-11 in height, and weighing approximately 145 pounds. He appeared to be 24-to-30 years of age and balding.

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As one can assume, there was a surveillance camera in the vicinity of Emanuel’s house, and authorities are going to try to get assistance with the images from the camera.

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