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Chicago cop suspended: Top cop jams gun in suspect's mouth, DNA found on barrel

A 28-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department has been suspended from his duties after allegations that he put his gun in a suspect’s mouth interrogating him during his arrest. The allegations were backed up by DNA of the victim being found on the gun’s barrel, according to the New York Daily News on Aug. 28.

Top Chicago cop suspended from duties after DNA on gun barrel supports suspects claim that he shoved a gun in his mouth.

Police Cmdr. Glenn Evans was removed from duty following these allegations and following the proof of the DNA backing these allegations up. Evans is accused of putting the gun in the mouth of Rickey J. Williams while demanding the victim tell him where the gun was that he thought he saw the victim holding, reports MSN News.

No gun was ever found, but the arrest stemmed from Evans seeing Williams holding what Evans thought was a gun. When Williams spotted the cop, he ran. He was found later hiding in an abandoned building, which is where Evans is accused of shoving his gun into Evans’ mouth.

Evans has been promoted over the years ending up as one of the Chicago’s top cops despite the numerous complaints lodged against him for abuse. Between the years of 2001 and 2006 he had 14 complaints of abuse against him, still he was promoted in 2012 to commander of the 11th District. He has also been named in several police misconduct lawsuits as a defendant.

Even as the commander, Evans took to the tough streets of Chicago and would patrol alongside his fellow officers, so he sounds like a cop who believes in getting the bad guys off the street. It appears he’s adopted the old-fashion way of dealing with suspects, often seen in the black and white movies from a different era, where the cops had all the rights!

He described his philosophy in an interview that he did back in January of last year. He said, “The old attitude is to just patrol around and not stop these individuals, not challenge them and let these gang bangers intimidate them. That’s all going to change.”

Chicago is one tough place and people are dying weekly from the alarming number of shootings in this city. This cop’s tough approach might be a welcomed change for some of the law abiding citizens of that city. That is until they become a suspect and get a gun shoved down their throats. There has to be a happy medium somewhere!

If Evans is found guilty of putting the gun in the man’s mouth, he could be looking at some five years of jail time, never mind saying good-bye to his career.

Court documents show that Evans also held a taser up to William’s groin and wanted to know where that gun was that the cops thought they saw him with when first happening upon the guy. Evans was released without bail by a Chicago judge. He is also on a “desk job” until the investigation of this complaint is over. It sounds as if his suspension doesn't include being out of the building, just stripped of his duties for now.

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