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Chicago Bulls Conundrum with Carmelo Anthony and the Summer of 2014

Carmelo Anthony has interest in joining the Bulls. What does that mean for Joakim Noah and company.
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

As the Bulls head toward the NBA Draft and the free agency signing period of the NBA offseason, many fans across the city of Chicago dream of a day when the Bulls finally win another NBA title. These teams of late, with Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah at the helm, have had to live in the shadow, not just of Michael Jordan, but of LeBron James, and his pals Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Twice in the playoffs, they've been ousted by none other than James and co. The other two seasons, they were never given the chance, with Rose sidelined with knee problems.

Which brings us to today, the Bulls have been rumored to desperately want a superstar to add the scoring punch that was lacking with and without Rose on the floor. Some will say Kevin Love is the man, because Rose would still be the man with the plan, others say Carmelo Anthony, because his free agency means the Bulls would be able to keep fan favorite and Sixth Man of the year runner-up Taj Gibson.

When I say this, I mean no ill will toward Carmelo Anthony. Melo is the kind of player that needs the ball in his hands most of the time. He's a guy that scores mainly off of his own doing, and no one elses. Fans of the Bulls have to be ready and willing to watch Derrick Rose step into the role that Dwyane Wade has stepped into during these past few seasons, as the court is not big enough for the two of them to score 25 points every night. I also fear that with two ball-dominant players on the floor, it will mean Joakim Noah's passing skills will no longer be utilized.

The Bulls also seem to be already out of the Kevin Love sweepstakes, with rumors of him going to the Golden State Warriors swirling. It's likely that Carmelo is the only option.

Do the Bulls realize what kind of player Carmelo Anthony is? Do that understand that they may need to bring some sort of coach in to really organize all of these stars in their lineup in order to run a good offense? Tom Thibodeau is a tremendous coach who in no way should take a step back when it comes to coaching the team, but he's never had this many talented offensive weapons on his team.

With all of this being said, it's difficult to come up with any other scenarios where the Bulls can compete for a title. The NBA is a superstar driven league, with the Heat's and Spurs' big 3 winning championships lately, having a core group of stars is key in winning a championship. The Bulls face a big challenge this offseason, and it is going to interesting to see how it all unfolds.

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