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Chicago Boxer "Irish" Jimmy Murphy to make pro debut

Chicago welterweight "Irish" Jimmy Murphy doesn't box because he has to, he boxes because he loves to and this Wednesday, November 21, he will make his professional boxing debut at Fight Night at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana hosted by Hitz Boxing Entertainment.

Boxer "Irish" Jimmy Murphy enters the professional boxing world with an amateur record of 30 - 7.
Rita Figueroa
"Irish" Jimmy Murphy is poised to make his professional boxing debut on Wednesday, November 21, 2012.
Rita Figueroa

The 22 year old began boxing in his last year of high school after having wanted to try it for some time and now holds an amateur record of 30 wins, 7 loses. Fighting out of Chicago Boxing Club, Murphy hopes to make his first professional fight against boxer Jonathan Manos a win. "I never really fit much into the amateur style of boxing because of the point scoring," Murphy says.

Murphy is currently focusing all of his energy on boxing, "It was the first sport I truly excelled at," he says, although he does have plans to being John Marshall Law School in the the fall, or perhaps as early as this coming January. First thing's first, however, and Murphy is looking forward to this week's debut. "I wouldn't be human if I wasn't nervous, but more than anything I am excited."

Murphy hails from a different background than many typical young boxers, growing up in a self-described "white middle class suburban neighborhood" and says that in addition to enjoying a sport that he loves, "[boxing] has opened my eyes to different worlds." He says that although it's different from what his friends and family are accustomed to, they have enjoyed his growth in the sport. "I think that it both excites and scares my family," he states candidly, "but they have been nothing but beyond supportive."

"I had wanted to try [boxing] my whole life," Murphy effuses, "and it was everything I could have hoped for." When asked how far he hopes his career will go, he remains straightforward and states honestly, "I do not have a specific plan but rather to take it as far as I can as long as I am continuing to get better. If it ever becomes something that is not beneficial it is over."

When asked what he would say to anyone wanting to try boxing for the first time, Murphy advises, "go in with an open mind. It’s a great workout that really helps you to learn about your body and can be great for stress relief."

Tickets to Hitz Boxing's Fight Night can be purchased here. Other fighters on the card include Mike "Hollywood" Jimenez, Dimar Ortuz, Terry Martin, Russell Fiore, Frank Scalise, Simon "The Punisher" Buettner, Donatas Bondorovas, Brian Houston, Abdulai Amidu and Andrey Fedesov from St. Petersburg, Russia.


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