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Chicago based agency offers holistic health options for those battling infertility

Pulling Down the Moon offers support to those struggling with infertility.
Pulling Down the Moon offers support to those struggling with infertility.
Photo by Don Ryan

Many peope who are riding the infertility roller coaster seek alternative/ holistic health options to help them make their family building dreams a reality.  Pulling Down the Moon is an agency in  Chicago and Illinois suburban areas that offers alternative health opportunities. They opened in 2002 .  The co-founders are Beth Heller and Tami Quinn.


The name, Pulling Down the Moon, comes "from a Buddhist meditation to White Tara, the bodhisattva of healing."  According to their website, "the moon is intimately related to the tides of the female reproductive cycle. It is during this time that our femininity feels most challenged" 


The staff at Pulling Down the Moon has personally experienced infertility. The classes, workshops, and individual pracitioners focus on working to help those that are trying to have a child.  Their philosophy is "to find everything you need to support your medical fertility treatment with acupuncture, massage, yoga, meditation, or cognative therapy.  They emphasize that  their team  can work in conjunction with the medical pracitioners assisting patients with their fertility.  Some of their clients do choose not to have medical intervention to assist with their fertility.


Pulling Down the Moon has several locations.  They include Chicago, Arlington Heights, and Naperville. They also have an office located in Rockville, Maryland.

To learn more about Pulling Down the Moon and the programming and support they can offer you go to:


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