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Chicago bakeries: Bittersweet

Bittersweet bakery is what a dessert lover might call Mecca. As the glass door opens to a sweet tooth’s paradise, beautiful arrays of color and tantalizing aromas overwhelm your senses. Pastries, cookies, cakes and truffles sit behind transparent glass barricades to preserve their safety from a wandering hand. A variety of freshly baked bread resides on shelves behind the counter and an ice cream bar is to the right of the cash register. Bittersweet serves coffees and teas as well as lunch.

A daily menu is written on a chalkboard for easy viewing from the cafe where many leisurely nosh on snacks or sip from drinks. The raspberry ice cream was creamy, fruit-filled and served in a chocolate lined Chinese take-out box. The crisp and light oatmeal raisin cookies flaked about your mouth as you bit into it, like confetti raining onto your taste buds. Bittersweet’s ice coffee is tart like a refreshing pick-me-up should be. The sweet taste of cookie washed down by the undeniable taste of coffee danced about the mouth like perfectly in-sync ballroom dancers.

At 1114 West Belmont Avenue in Chicago one can count on a satisfying bite or beverage. Being a specialty bakery Bittersweet is not cheap, but you get what you pay for. Along with serving lunch Bittersweet prepares wedding cakes and other large orders to go and more often than not have free samples waiting for you at the door.


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