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Chicago Art Examiner hits the road

With summer upon us, I will be taking a hiatus from reporting on the greater Chicago art scene. Summer is a wonderful time for travel, and from time to time, I will report from the road on a variety of art related topics that interest me, and good art encountered. This may range from reflecting on public art encountered, to engaging commercial and museum exhibitions, to educational opportunities in the arts. I invite you to travel along in your easy chair as you read articles with focus on the art scene in the upper Pacific west, as well as the upper Midwest. My first trip takes me to Washington State, visiting the vibrant art cities of Seattle and Tacoma. Later travels will take me to Minnesota, visiting the twin cities as well as Duluth and the scenic North Shore area. I also intend to explore the Dakotas. Come late August or early September, I look forward to resuming my traditional greater Chicago area art beat.