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Chicago area weather forecast for Monday, May 3, 2010

Weather forecast through the day Monday
Weather forecast through the day Monday

We'll head back to work and school on a warm note that may turn stormy for some of us.


Southwest winds at 10-15 mph, combined with partly cloudy skies should lead to highs in the low 70s Monday.  This warm up comes ahead of an upper-level trough that is forecast to move into the Mississippi Valley.

As the trough sweeps east it will push a cold front through the region.  Ahead and along the front we'll see a chance for widely scattered thunderstorms to develop as we approach midday.  The chance for storms will continue through the afternoon.

There's a chance some storms Monday could become well organized and the Storm Preiction Center is calling for a slight risk of severe thunderstorms across the southeast sections of the region.  The biggest threat from any severe storms will be small hail and strong winds.

Behind the front we should quiet down nicely for Monday night.  Sunshine and southwest winds should lead to a warm Tuesday with the chance for more rain in the future.

You can learn more about the forecast by viewing the slideshow.


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