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Chicago and more, paranormal and supernatural things to do for Sept and Oct 2014

Chicago Valentine Boys and Girls Club - Oct. 2014 Parnaormal fundraiser.
Edward Shanahan - Chicago Medium, Chicago Paranormal Host.

Free Chicago Paranormal, Supernatural or Spiritual offers are always great to stumble across and one of them is the 'Free Chicago Paranormal Tour of Archer Avenue App' that covers the S.W. Suburbs, a location in the Chicago land area that is the most active. 16 locations are featured in the free app that also includes a GPS to guide you and also audio paranormal history of each location and photos. This also makes for a great type of paranormal photo book and can be found at 'Free Chicago Paranormal Tour of Archer Avenue App'.

Pinterest also has the version of the tour laid out with photos, video and map. You can view the Pinterest Chicago Haunted Archer Avenue Tour.

Free large Paranormal Magazine online updated on a regular basis: Paranormal & Spiritual World News.

Web page with free Podcast of over 30 Haunted locations visited by Paranormal Host and Medium with even a video tour of Haunted Archer Avenue, the Grimes Sisters site and more: Free Podcast of over 30 Haunted Locations visited.

With the Chicago paranormal buildings and locations dwindling to explore for groups and investigators, there is still the old stand by of folk lore and not that spooky at all any longer, Bachelor's Grove Cemetery. Here is the 'free' full documentary: The Real Bachelor's Grove.

Free Paranormal Tribute Magazine online: Bachelor's Grove Cemetery Tribute.

Bachelors Grove Cemetery on Pinterest

Article about: Find new haunted paranormal locations near you.

All things Paranormal being sold on Amazon (save money with Amazon) - Tools to Books to Videos and more.

Kindle Book: Taking The Paranormal and Spiritual World Seriously.

Information for: Chicago land area Psychic Readings or Psychic House Parties.

The Chicago land Paranormal Conference Oct. 18 / 19 2014. Details Here and held at Moraine Valley Community Collage.

Saturday Oct. 18th, 7pm: Supernatural Saturday Night at Chicago's Bridgeport huge haunted location: Valentine Chicago Boys and Girls Club. For details see the photo with this article.


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