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Chicago and Illinois, tired of change?

Last year, for the Presidential election, voter turnout was high, just like it always is for a presidential election.

Of course, many new voters turned out because a candidate looked like them, or because their professors brainwashed them into voting for supposed change. 

After the huge turnout and party in Grant Park the claim was that young people were now excited about the political process and would vote in the future.


How quickly that hope and change faded.  Maybe that's in conjunction with the performance of the "change" everyone elected last year.

As I would always tell my students, voting for President isn't the most important election you can vote for, if anything, it has the least impact on an individual. 

The person in the White House doesn't have the biggest impact, but rather, the local government officials.  And yet, most people take these races less seriously.

Illinois has a huge budget problem and we have 30% turnout in Chicago?  Are you kidding me?

I guess hope and change has turned into complacency.  That's Chicago politics for you.


  • Pulse 4 years ago

    "professors brainwashed them into voting for supposed change. "

    Get a life - dick face.



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