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Alien Protocol to be released in 2013

Cristen Ritter - Kitchen confrontation
Cristen Ritter - Kitchen confrontation
whooznext Productions

Independent movie Alien Protocol was shot on location in the northwest suburbs of Chicago in 2011 and was shown prior to final cut at the Roswell (NM) Film Festival on June 24th 2012 under the name “Aliens From Outer Space”. Roswell is best known for the purported crash of an alien “flying saucer” in 1947.

Alien Protocol poster
whooznext Productions

Alien Protocol tells the story of a young woman who is tracked down by an alien (in human form) after being unwittingly married to it and her involvement with a clandestine government agency which monitors and eradicates alien threats.

The bulk of the movie was shot in Crystal Lake, Woodstock, Algonquin and McHenry Illinois. Actress Cristen Ritter plays the lead role of “Carolyn”. Actors Scott Mensching, Judson Brown and Steve Somogyi, who are also professional musicians by trade, contributed 15 original songs to the project.

This is director John Villec’s first undertaking of a feature length movie after having produced short films, music videos and a cable show for the past seven years.

Final editing for the project was competed in September 2012 and it is scheduled to be released in 2013.


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