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Chic, green help for hands ravaged by travel: Kat Burki

Chic, green help for hands ravaged by travel: Kat Burki
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Frequent travelers know how how badly hands can get mangled, rough and raw while traveling. Exposure to sun, sea, wind, the dryness of airplane cabins, cheap hotel laundry detergents, unfiltered water, carrying luggage hither and yon all contribute to rashy, dry and unattractive hands. Hands are one of the first things to show your age. I just had my birthday and took a look at my hands that have definitely seen hard travel . . . eek! Kat Burki hand therapy to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Here's what they say about the brand:

Kat Burki creates beautiful experiences through skincare and beauty products as well as a sophisticated line of fine fragrances.The carefully crafted formulations are faceted by Kat’s rich sensory experiences as a designer and her early Healthcare training.

From design, Kat’s keen eye for detail blossomed into captivating fragrance creations and an innovative ability to bring life to a beauty line, while her professional expertise translated into integrating high quality, unadulterated combinations with lasting therapeutic results.Cold Pressed Oils, a KB 5 Herb Blend, and unique Raw ingredients, fused in trend-setting harmony, resulting in a luxury and highly innovative skincare offering.

Embracing a larger mission, driven by Kat’s own passion for Balance and Beauty, the Kat Burki Brand gives You a Lifestyle of Naturally Balanced Beauty.

Hand Therapy is very rich, more like a butter -- unusual for a hand product in a tube. It's enriched with calendula and chamomile, herbs known since Roman times to provide soothing relief. Because this is a heavy duty cream, you won't have to keep applying it all day, though the more you use it, the better your hands will look!