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Chic, fashion-oriented lounge: Brussels, Belgium's Panorama Lounge at The Hotel

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If the model and fashion types in the lobby or the Delvaux purses on display didn't tip you off, The Hotel in Brussels, Belgium has a stylish bent to it. If you're staying in the Deluxe Panorama rooms and suites, you have access to the Panorama Lounge. I was very happy to be hosted to experience it!

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The serene lounge allows a glorious view of Brussels, both the historic and modern neighborhoods. Outside the door, a haute couture gown encased in glass provides flair and drama. As you walk in, the most coveted collector's books on fashion, as well as the latest fashion magazines of Europe, are on display. You can read them in the lounge. The modern, clean decor is invigorating when starting the day.

An attendant cares for a selection of refreshments that change throughout the day. I came as breakfast was winding down, so I grabbed a juice. I read the back of the bottle; it was a delicious, artisan tomato juice from France! This was a vast improvement above the stuff in tins and plastic bottles that we usually see in the US. The fresh fruity-veggie flavors and true texture was delectable. The lounge has a gourmet coffee machine and, suffering from crippling jet-lag, I helped myself to a cappuccino, too! As I was leaving, I saw different liqueurs were being set out.

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