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Chic and comfy when traveling like Oprah, with Lisette L.

Chic and comfy when traveling like Oprah, with Lisette L.

People are always ragging on how modern travelers look while on the go, in articles like Financial Times' "In the Fast Lane" by Tyler Brulee'. But if you have several connections, no porter or car service and you must get some sleep on the bus, train or plane, comfort is critical!

Lisette L., the chic Montreal, Canada based fashion company, has created pants -- and other bottoms -- that will save the day! I was happy to be hosted to experience them. So, as it turns out, even those with a massive entourage to assist with their travels love Lisette L., like Oprah, Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford!

Lisette L. has a number of styles, which I was happy to discover, are made in a variety of fabrics and cuts. They cover a wide range of fashion needs! The pants are designed to have some control, so they're more flattering and work harder than typical activewear.

The Ankle Thinny Pant - 3 Tones is a sporty look with a more relaxed fit around the tummy. With its dark stripes along the outer sides, it performs some flattering optical illusion. I would suggest it for long haul flights where you don't have to be all sucked in; wear it with a long tunic.

The Thinny Pant with side stud embellishments are one of the styles that have really blown up the fashion world. They're so stylized and have a good amount of control, yet enough give (I was even in a size lower than I normally thought I would take) to be comfortable. It has the chicness of stiffer fabrics that are festooned with zippers and buttons, yet they aren't! You could wear these practically anywhere, with the right kind of top.