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Chiberia brings out family fun despite more snow

Activities for another snow day
Activities for another snow day

Snow has taken over Chicago yet again. While many people are tired, fed up and have had enough of the snow, kids don't want to be bored. What options are available for parents? If you don't want to see the Lego movie one more time, here are some suggestions to past the time on another long, snowy day indoors.

Capture the Olympic Spirit

While the Sochi Olympics are happening, host your family Olympics at home. Since a bobsled track in the backyard isn't feasible, turn your video game system into an Olympic event. Whether you enjoy playing on the Xbox Kinect or prefer the Wii, there are many gaming options that gets everyone off the couch. Play as teams or individuals. Make a trophy for the best sportsman, best cheerleader and best person to quit gaming. Spending time together and acting silly can lighten the mood while stuck in the house.

Family Game Night

Board games can be a great way to spend family time. From traditional games like The Game of Life to newer options like Pointing Fingers, Hasbro has many options that will pass a few hours. Board games can get the kids off the electronic devices and interacting with other family members.

Make a dish

How often do the kids say "I don't want to eat that." When kids are invested in a meal that they made, the kids are more likely to eat it. From baking some zucchini bread to making creamy soup, kids in the kitchen can be a fun and learning experience. Maybe a snow day adventure can turn into a weekly family cooking event.

Picnic/Camp out day

While pitching a tent in the snow is not practical, the family room can be a perfect place to create a special adventure. Spread blankets on the floor and have a picnic or roast some smores in the fire place. A little imagination can make everyone believe that warmth and sun is just around the corner.

What has your family done during this long, snowy winter? Share you thoughts in the comments.

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