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Chia, Flax or Pumpkin seeds which are your favorites?

Which seeds will you choose?
Which seeds will you choose?

Seeds are finding their way into the American diet, some are familiar but others a foreign but new food source with nutritional benefits. So how do you select the seeds you want to add to your diet? Take a test drive by purchasing a new seed each time you shop. One good thing to remember is as you're adding the nutritional value seek out organic sources, so you're not introducing pesticides and toxins along with the beneficial seeds.

Hemp seeds: protein, contains 8 essential amino acids. Aids in Inflammation. Puree in Pesto.

Chia seeds: calcium & fiber. Chia expand to over 10 times their weight when added to liquids, use in puddings. mentioned in heart health studies.

Flax seeds: Fiber rich and Alpha Linoleic acid rich. adds in lowering LDL cholesterol & Omega 3's. Sprinkle freely on cereals.

Sunflower seeds: High in Selenium and vitamin E. A potent antioxidant thought to promote immune health. Spice them up and snack or add to a trail mix.

Pumpkin seeds: Provides added protein and zinc. Immune boosting. Add spices and roast or eat raw.

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