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CheX Marks the Spot

Chex cereal is a brand that offers a nutritional breakfast without all of the added sugar that most children's cereal provides. It is a light, crunchy, sweet, on-the-go breakfast that lets adults satisfy the child within.

Recently, Chex cereals has made a Corn Chex that is gluten free for people who are allergic to gluten (more commonly referred to as Celiac's Disease). While there is no wheat and no oats of any kind to be found in the gluten free version, you wouldn't know it. The flavor is impressively reminiscent of the original.

The serving size is 1 cup of Chex cereal. For that, the cereal only gives 160 calories (with 1/2 cup of skim milk), .5g of fat, and a dozen essential vitamins to jump start your day!

The next time you find yourself in the breakfast aisle, why not give this delicious gluten free cereal a chance? You can find it in many of your local grocery stores.


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