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Chewing gum in the workplace

Chewing gum in the workplace.........
            Is chewing gum in the workplace appropriate? This question is debatable, but there are certainly pros and cons.
The Pros
   chooses to focus on the positive when chewing gum in the workplace is addressed. Wrigley’s suggests chewing gum relieves stress and has conducted research showing “the act of chewing gum can increase blood flow to the brain.” For smokers, chewing gum can provide relief when smoking is not permitted. Other benefits include oral care, weight management, stress relief, alertness, focus, concentration.  For more information on the benefits of chewing gum, visit
The Cons
            All offers that gum should not be permitted in the workplace. This is certainly a valid point for persons talking on the phone or a receptionist chewing gum improperly. All reports chewing gum incorrectly shows poor judgment and a lack of respect for others.” Annoying others when chewing gum can lead to a career damaging habit. For more tips chewing gum in the workplace etiquette, visit
            There are advantages and disadvantages to consider when chewing gum in the workplace. If done so properly, the pros can outweigh the cons.


  • endee 4 years ago

    eating chewing gum shouldnt be allowed in the workplace at all