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'Chew' animated feature film green lit to star 'The Walking Dead's' Steven Yeun

Published in 2009

Popular Image comic Chew is finally making it out of the comic pages and onto the big screen. After months of anticipation for any news of the live-adaptation on Showtime, fans of the comic were heartbroken to find the show had been stuck in production hell and eventually shut down. Now the cult series and all its fans have something to rejoice about as Chew prepares to be adapted as an animated feature film starring The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun and The Guild’s Felicia Day.

Created by John Layman and Rob Guillory, who are also adapting the screenplay, Chew follows cannibalistic cop Tony Chu as he solves cases too baffling for the common cop. John Layman has had stints writing for Marvel and DC comics on books such as Marvel Zombies and Detective Comics, but none of his previous works compare to the popularity Chew has obtained since its debut in 2009. Layman recently left his duties writing Batman for DC much to the surprise of fans. Now they know why.

According to MTV’s Josh Wigler, Yeun will star as Tony Chu while Day will play his love interest, the word-talented food critic Amelia Mintz.

Does casting cannibal and zombie fodder Steven Yeun excite you for this film? Stay tuned for more updates as production begins on Chew: The Animated movie!

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