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Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo: ABC is gearing up duo for another wild trip

Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo who starred in the “Vacation” series of comedy films over the years portraying the characters of Clark and Ellen Griswold are about to embark on yet another film.

The crazy couple joins forces for another comic TV sitcom!
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E! Online reports a reunion of sorts on Jan. 11 between the two co-stars of the “Vacation” franchise stars. The ABC network has a new TV season show in the works for this funny team of comedians for the 2015-2016 season.

Rumors have it that they script has few details at the moment. So far both actors will be playing their parts as a married couple in their sixties. It seems that all the kids are out of the house and they will be enjoying life together. That is, until something happens which hasn’t been revealed to spoil the plot that causes the Griswold’s to have to raise their grandchildren.

This should be an interesting and funny film to see. It will be some time before the whole script is written, directed and produced but it is a family comedy that many will be waiting patiently to see. This may also be the last film from this television family too but you never know.

Did you enjoy the Griswold Vacation movies?

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