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Chevrolet transmission out of gear

Dear Barbara,

My 2004 Chevy Surburban (80K miles) will not go forward after in "D" gear.
I have to put it in 2nd gear; start slowly, then move it to "D" after getting up to 30 -40 miles per hour.
There were no warnings. I had absolutely no problems/warnings before last Saturday.
I went to the store; came back out, and put it in "D" and it would not move.
I put it in 3rd, nothing. I put it in 2nd; it moved.
Mechanic wants to rebuild transmission.
I'm skeptical.

What do you think?


Dear Dinah,

I would first suggest if you have not already to check and make sure that you have transmission fluid in your tranny. If you have a leak and have lost it all then you will have a hard time shifting into the gears. From what you are describing to me it sounds like you will need to invest in a new or rebuilt transmission. You mention that you had absolutely no warning before all of this happened but your tranny may have been “slipping” and you just not know what to look for or not know the feeling of “slipping” when it was going on.

And even if you would have had some warnings that you were familiar with or aware of, a transmission is not something that you can quickly fix once the gears start grinding up inside the casing.

I would also suggest getting a second opinion by taking it directly to a shop that will do the work right there like a transmission shop. A lot of shops send work out to another shop then tack on extra money that you end up paying out of your pocket.

I wish I had better news for you but I have personally been in your place so many times before by needing that good ole tranny to get me down the road.

Thanks for writing in,



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