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Chevrolet tahoe dash noise

Dear Barbara,

I remember reading one of your articles about noise coming from
below the dash of a Chevrolet Tahoe. This must have been about 6 months ago.

Lately, I bought a good used 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe, and it has developed a noise that sounds like it is coming from below the dash. The noise could be considered a clunking sound, and is more prevalent when driving on rough roads.

Could you let me know where I can find this article, or reprint it?

I've enjoyed reading your column and have found some time-saving gems in

Thanking you in advance,


Dear Charles,

The following is the column that I wrote back in March 2007 that you are asking for:
“So your nerves are probably getting very close to your skin every time you hear this rattle.
It sounds like to me that you’re looking at replacing the steering column because when the initial grease runs out it leaves a rattle which unfortunately leaves you holding the problem of replacing the steering column in order to fix this aggravation.

Unfortunately I am not very familiar with any shops in the Pearland area but I would recommend calling your local Better Business Bureau and finding out who they would suggest in that area with a good reputation. However, I would recommend getting this looked at and fixed at your local Chevrolet dealership, you might get lucky and the dealer may be able to just replace the grease in the splines. They have been able to change this in some cases so that the grease will not run out.
Do not feel like you and your suburban have been singled out because the problem you are experiencing is pretty common on a lot of General Motors trucks and SUV’s.
Thanks for writing in and good luck with getting that rattlesnake out of your dash.”

Charles, thanks for the support and I absolutely love the fact that I have been of some assistance to you now and in the past!


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