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Chevrolet suburban color advice


General Motors is repurchasing my old Suburban for a 2008. I love the black leather interior and the black body. Think it might be too much (secret service) but was concerned that tan leather shows more dirt (4 children). We live in Houston and it gets very hot here.
Wondering if I should opt for maybe the dark blue with tan leather or the black with tan interior.
Thoughts? I like the black on black, hubby likes black w/tan leather.


Dear Kathleen,
I hear you on your color combo preference. I have always been a huge fan and devoted buyer of any black on black color combo.
You need to also think about resale values and the blue exterior does not have as high of a resale value than the black does. Black on black cars are hot especially in your neck of the woods but not too much to sway you from getting another black one.
The tan/parchment leather will definitely show more dirt than a charcoal/ black interior will and being as you have 4 children if it were me I would continue to go with black on black.
Tell your hubby you win this battle and go grab that black on black Suburban that you love!
There is not any other exterior color out there that looks better than a black one fresh out of the car wash!
I hope that offers some assistance and thanks for writing in,


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