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Chevrolet Performance at 2014 Car Craft Summer Nationals

Being the official sponsor of the Car Craft Summer Nationals, Chevrolet brings quite an impressive exhibit to the event. As a matter of fact, the Chevrolet Performance tent is always the place to be to see the latest and greatest Bowtie parts, vehicles, and go-fast racing gear of the upcoming year.

Chevrolet Performance tent at 2014 Car Craft Summer Nationals.
Chevrolet Performance tent at 2014 Car Craft Summer Nationals.
Aaron Ahlstrom

For 2014 Chevy did not disappoint, bringing the highly anticipated Camaro Z/28 to the show. The race-ready Z/28 was electric, even in a dark hue, and the crowd loved it. So much so, it was hard to even snap a picture without people draped all over it. We didn’t mind, as this car is hot as can be. It’s nice to see the Z get back to its real race car roots.

The Chevrolet Performance spot was also the debut of the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado (at least in Minnesota). Though only a pre-production model – sporting a repaint from green to grey-blue! – the all-new midsize is looking like a smart move for GM. Along with its corporate cousin, the GMC Canyon, the midsize market is set to be revitalized – and hopefully dominated by these trucks. The full-size Silverado is one fine truck, but for those needing a slightly smaller profile the Colorado offers a lot to like. Our first impressions were the interior was a vast improvement over the outgoing model and the styling was decidedly sleek. For a more detailed report on the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado, click on the article link below.

Featured at the Chevrolet Performance area were several cars that generated much interest. A pair of C7 Corvette Stingrays made for a grand entrance. The Blade Silver Metallic ‘vert with red gut and a striking Torch Red coupe with black wheels were what the spectators wanted to see. A late-‘80s Monte Carlo SS with an LS-motor transplant also greeted onlookers. A new Impala showed off its posh brown leather interior, looking just as good as it felt trying it on for size. A tricked out Z71 Silverado Crew Cab in Deep Ruby Metallic had the big-truck fans in awe.

Leading the charge when it comes to retro-fitting new tech into classic rides, GM has made the swaps worth considering. Traditional small block purists can cringe all they want, but new LS series motors are taking over the hobby. And what’s not to like, with more power and better mileage? The price-tag for these conversions are decreasing (albeit slowly) but when you factor in all the fuss, it makes a lot of sense. Sure, doing it the old school junkyard way and piecing it together can be done (thanks Car Craft). LS motors from 4.8 liters to 6.2 are scattered all over junkyards, though the 5.3 and 6.0 liter versions are the more common and trendy finds.

Over the years Chevrolet Performance has continued to expand their catalog and cater to the retro-tech crowd, offering drop-in kits to simplify your transplant needs. Everything from complete engines or several transmissions, such as 4-speed automatics and 6-speed manuals, can be purchased and retro-fitted into your ride, wire harness and all. Of note, a complete Camaro rolling front subframe held an LS3 backed by a 4-speed automatic. Though it was only a display, it nonetheless looked ready to slide under a ’69 Camaro and bolt in. We did notice there wasn’t an A/C compressor on the mockup, though the subframe was notched for clearance where it should have been installed.

Surprisingly missing on the display field was the Chevrolet SS 4-door sedan, which made an appearance in 2013. Last year the blue Chevrolet SS came directly from the Indy 500, in full Pace Car regalia with white stripes and signal bar on the roof. Still, the Chevrolet SS is available at dealer lots currently.

Check out the slideshow to get an exclusive first-look of the new 2015 Chevy Colorado as well as all the other cars and parts on display at the Chevy Performance tent.

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