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Chevrolet brake lights

Dear Barbara,

I read your column in the Houston Chronicle and thought I might ask you about my problem. My 2004 Silverado, automatic with 5.3 engine, 44,500 miles, has a problem with the two brake lights not working on the rear fenders. The brake light on the cab works. Also the inside courtesy lights do not work when I open the doors. If I use the remote to unlock the doors the courtesy lights come on. We have checked the lights, fuses and brake switch on the brake pedal. All are working. All other electrical devices work fine. My Chevrolet dealer has "never heard of this" but is willing to check it out on the computer for a hefty price.

Any suggestions besides taking it to the dealer?

Thank you,


Dear Alton,

At the very back of your truck where all of the wiring plugs are located is a little module box that has a common problem of burning out. If you have power coming into it but not going out of it, then this is your irritating culprit. I personally have dealt with this same issue on so many occasions that I could now switch one out being blindfolded.

The module is mounted on the frame rail on the driver’s side all the way at the back of the truck. If you follow the wires you can locate this. Taking this to the dealer to replace will cost you about $200.00

Thanks for writing in and being a regular reader!



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