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Chester County kitten recuperating from abuse and heroin overdose

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James Meyers, 24, was arrested Sunday afternoon and faces charges of animal cruelty for the egregious abuse of a two-month-old kitten found in Meyers' vehicle in West Whiteland Township, Pennsylvania according to CBSPhilly.

West Whiteland Police, the Chester County District Attorney's Office and the Chester County SPCA reported the kitten was found in Meyers' possession. The kitten was bleeding from his face, a rope had been tied tightly around his neck, he was missing some teeth and had been dragged. In addition, the kitten had allegedly been injected with heroin.

District Attorney, James Meyers expressed his shock and disgust when he stated:

“The abuse of this kitten was a singularly depraved act. Heroin addicts abuse themselves, animals, and children without remorse or regret. What punishment is severe enough for this type of evil?”

The kitten was rushed to the Hope Veterinarian Specialists in Chester County and was administered Narcan; the same medication administered to humans when they overdose on drugs. Within minutes the kitten bounced back. He has now been named Hope; the Chester County SPCA is asking the public to help with Hope's medical expenses.

On the organization's Facebook page, the following was posted Wednesday afternoon about Hope's improving condition:

"The kitten is still recovering at the veterinary clinic and eventually will be transferred to the Chester County SPCA and into an already-designated foster home. The kitten will not be available for adoption until it has made a full recovery.

Hope’s medical bills continue to add up and we need your help. Please look for Hope's story on our web site,, and please consider donating to the care of this special survivor and designate that it's for Hope."

Please click here to help Hope.

After a search warrant was issued, authorities found multiple bags of heroin and heroin paraphernalia in Meyers' vehicle. He is currently being held in lieu of $25,000 bond.

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