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Chest and Shoulder Stretch


If the summer heat has kept you indoors and away from your outside exercise plan or if you sit at your desk all day, then you need this chest and shoulder stretch! A lack of exercise or hunching at a desk all day can lead to poor posture and muscle imbalances. This stretch can also be used after a hard workout to get out the kinks and improve blood flow. 

Here is your step-by-step exercise guide:

Stand tall, feet shoulder width apart, shoulders back. Bring arms together behind you and clasp hands. 
quad stretch
Now pull the arms back, away from your body.  You should feel a good stretch in your shoulders and chest - don't reach so far that it's painful.

Pull the shoulder blades together, take a few deep breaths and then release. This can be done post-workout or as a mid-afternoon stress reliever! 

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