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Chesapeake juniors prepare for ring dance 2010

Ring Dance Planning 2010
Ring Dance Planning 2010

Parents, it is that time of year for their very first high school formal, the junior ring dance. Area high schools are making final preparations for a very special evening for all Chesapeake juniors. So, here are a few pointers to make sure your junior is ready for their very first formal and introduction into adult life.

First, speak to your child to insure they have a date for ring dance. At the age of sixteen and seventeen, it is not uncommon to find that young men have not given thought to asking a fellow female junior to accompany them to ring dance. After all, for most this is their very first formal experience in their adolescent life and it is our responsibility as parents to offer to them guidance during the planning phase. Most often, young men find it awkward to, "pop the question", so discuss with them the importance of handling this early so that the opportunity is there for advance planning. It is recommended that ring dance couples be of the same junior class to insure that special emphasis for the evening is equally placed by both parties and to lower the risk of disappointment or possible cancellation by one or the other.

Now is the time that young ladies should be researching fashion trends for the 2010 formal season and shopping local area stores for that perfect dress. All The Rage, located in greenbrier offers every formal dress imaginable from cocktail to long style to traditional and trendy. Hot for the Season is long floral silk prints in bright vibrant colors. If you are a mall shopper, Greenbrier mall offers stores such as Dillards, and to shop for formal dresses. For young men, it is suggested to schedule a fitting at your local tuxedo shop. Tuxedo's require at least two weeks advance ordering. In greenbrier, the Mens Warehouse, All The Rage, and Affordable Tuxedos, are just a few that can offer a variety of trendy tuxedo styles and suggest the perfect style for all individual body types.

It is not uncommon for parents to share ring dance expenses. A ring dance evening can be costly when all traditions are carefully planned for this one special evening. Ring dance traditions include going to dinner, the purchase of a floral corsage and boutonniere for each other, the hiring of transportation for the evening, dance tickets, and additional cash on hand for additional purchases the evening of ring dance such as professional photography and mementos. The Average ring dance evening can average approximately six hundred dollars if all traditions are kept. Communicate with other parents on how to benefit from sharing expenses. Couples can communicate with other couples and hire one limousine for the evening and divide cost. One limousine or Hummer can hold up to twelve to sixteen people and if planned early parents can save tremendously dividing this cost for a group instead of couples individually. Limousine companies do book early so it is important to do your research and make plans now. A safety pointer in regards to finding a good limousine company is to check to make sure the company is licensed, bonded, and insured. Do not take for granted because a limousine company is listed as a business that they have met all safety requirements to transport your precious cargo. Limousine companies should also offer soft drinks and include gratuity in the total cost.

Junior ring dance is a practice run for the senior prom. Spend time now discussing this ring dance season with your junior and offer guidance to insure they understand how to plan the evening. By this time next year, a successful planning of this junior ring dance will reflect when your student can plan their senior prom independently. Offer advice, yet  be prepared to offer flexibility with their choices. Times have changed in regards to attire at high school formal dances so do not be surprised if they offer up some unfamiliar ideas. Without a doubt, ring dance night is a parents first glimpse of their child entering adult society in a formal setting. Man your kleenex and camera's and make the night special for both you and your high school junior.