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Chesapeake Bay Gets Icey

The North East River is frozen over
The North East River is frozen over
Chris Smoker

With the temperatures in the area finally supposed to rise later this week, it may be your last opportunity to take in the Chesapeake Bay and it's tributaries in all it's iced over winter glory.

For the past month Ice Breaking boats have been patrolling the shipping channels in the bay, and the various rivers have been iced over, after temperatures dipped to below zero on many occasions, and have been sub freezing almost every day since earl January.

According the the monthly newletter from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources,

"Pennsylvania's famed groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, saw his shadow on February 2, which, according to legend, means six more weeks of winter. As we continue to experience unusual weather swings, ice and snow --- we at DNR urge you to stay smart and safe.

While winter offers a calm and quiet time to explore State Parks, we remind visitors venturing out to enjoy the beauty of Maryland's natural world to first check the weather. It's a good idea to sign-up for a weather alert system on a cell phone or computer to stay updated on any last-minute changes and let family and friends know of your plans, just in case.

Be vigilant on both land and water. Snowmobilers, ice fishermen, hikers and cross-country skiers traveling near icy waterways should exercise caution. Changing temperatures can impact the thickness of ice --- what's frozen solid one day may be dangerous the next. Wear personal flotation devices to prevent a tragedy.

DNR crews have been breaking ice in Maryland waterways for weeks. Clearing ice-clogged waterways ensures first responders can provide assistance, allows watermen to deliver their catch to market, helps marine builders get work barges to their job sites and guarantees fuel boats can travel to necessary depots.

Stay warm and safe in these final weeks of winter!"

Personally I was out on the ice in the North East River two weeks ago, the ice was at least 5 inches deep and it was frozen all across the way to Charlestown from my boat club. Be aware, especially if ice fishing or going out on the ice, that currents and tides may weaken the ice, and that when temps start to rise, it may become unsafe.

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