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Cheryl Reid's Lotus Records nurtures new talent and moves dance music forward

"Move Your Sexy Body," by Cheryl Reid is a hit for Lotus Records
"Move Your Sexy Body," by Cheryl Reid is a hit for Lotus Records
Courtesy of Cheryl Reid

Cheryl Reid is the owner of independent record label Lotus Records, she's earned the right to own and control anything that she creates. The Los Angeles-based record label has several up-and-coming artists on its roster and gives them the chance to shine in their respective musical genres. Cheryl’s mission, since the conception of the label, is to develop and promote exceptional talent and to bring their dreams of being a successful recording artist to fruition.

As one of the label’s artists, Cheryl Reid and her team landed the #1 position on Billboard charts. These days Cheryl is gracing you with her own songs and gifts of talent. Her first single is a dance song released this year entitled “Move Your Sexy Body.” The music in “Move Your Sexy Body” will captivate you and ultimately have you so involved that you can’t help but to move your own sexy body! The lyric have an uncomplicated, fun, sexy appeal to listeners and caters to present-day society's intrigue with the power and energy of sexy dance music.

We caught up with Cheryl Reid to discuss how Lotus Records came about and here’s what she told You are definitely bringing sexy back with your single “Move Your Sexy Body.” It brings together pop, dance and electronica genres. What was your thinking behind these juxtapositions – were you attempting to recreate a specific historically-attested event, i.e. disco or a hypothetical one?

Cheryl Reid: I wanted to inspire people particularly women of all ages, sizes, etc. to call out and embrace their beauty and sexuality. Drop the heaviness at the door and dance to a fun, upbeat song! I wanted them to feel free, young, and sexy while doing that. The mixture of genres allows for individual interpretation and dance expression. How did you decide which genres to include – or to put it another way, why did you use dance pop and electronica and not just R&B?

Cheryl Reid: I felt that they are the happening genres at this time. Combining them allowed me to cross over into multiple genres for greater exposure and a wider fan base. I also wanted to interact with more than one group of people. Let’s talk about your record label, Lotus Records. The artists are a melting pot of genres including R&B, Hip Hop, Dance, World. When did you start the label and why?

Cheryl Reid: I incorporated in 2005 and started with a couple of rap artists before realizing that was not the musical direction I wanted to take. I started the label because music is one of my greatest passions. There’s so much unrecognized talent. I want to blossom ‘lotus flowers,’ per se, in this murky environment and give those ‘flowers’, who would typically be passed over, a chance to bloom. Even though many of them don’t meet the so-called “industry standards” i.e., their look and/or age, they are nevertheless very talented, committed, and willing to give 100% in each endeavor. Is Lotus Records distributed through a major distribution company?

Cheryl Reid: Yes, Lotus Records is distributed thru Universal Music Group Distribution/Caroline Records. Who are some of the artists on your label?

Cheryl Reid: Carmen Liana, Jerry Bell, Bappi Lahiri and myself. How did you sign them? Did they have to audition, win a contest or did you see them perform at a showcase?

Cheryl Reid: I met them in social settings and afterwards they presented a demo of their music. We came to a meeting of the minds and began the creative process. Where are your studios?

Cheryl Reid: I don’t have a permanent studio. We usually book time and record at the studio that is owned by the producer of the particular project or decided upon for its state-of-the-art sound equipment. Are the recordings by your artists currently available for digital downloads?

Cheryl Reid: Absolutely! The songs are available for download at,, and some of the other major digital outlets supported by Universal Music Group Distribution. Do you have a full marketing and A&R staff at Lotus?

Cheryl Reid: I am the A&R, and I always meet with the producer that I have in mind for the artist to determine how serious the artist is, how they record, and to get an idea if we can work together before we sign. Don’t want to waste money! What can an artist who signs with Lotus Records expect as far as getting their career started?

Cheryl Reid: We will work together. I will give 100% and expect the same from them. Even though I have my group of trusted people that I work with to produce, market & promote their projects, and develop the artist, I’m always open to new ideas and seeking individuals or companies that may be better suited for the particular artist and/or project. Congratulations Cheryl and keep up the good work. For more information about Cheryl Reid and Lotus Records, please visit the Lotus Records website.

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