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Cheryl Cole's 'Crazy Stupid Love' video with Tinie Tempah gets mixed reviews

On June 9, 2014, the music video for Cheryl Cole's "Crazy Stupid Love" single (featuring rapper Tinie Tempah) premiered and got mixed reactions from the public. "Crazy Stupid Love" is set for release in the U.K. and Ireland on July 20, 2014. It's the first single from Cole's fourth solo album, whose title and release date are to be announced.

Cheryl Cole and Tinie Tempah in her music video for "Crazy Stupid Love"

In 2014, Cole (who is a former member of Girls Aloud) is a judge on "The X Factor" U.K., along with Simon Cowell, Mel B and Louis Walsh. As previously reported, Cowell revealed that Nicole Scherzinger's February 2014 exit from "The X Factor" U.K. was not voluntary on her part. In an interview with The Sun, Cowell essentially said that Scherzinger was forced out of or fired from the show because he did not want her and Cole on the same judging panel.

"I didn’t think the two of them would work well together," Cowell said. Scherzinger has not yet made an official comment about her "X Factor" exit. Mel B replaced Scherzinger in June 2014. Louis Walsh has been an "X Factor" judge since the show's 2004 debut.

On March 10, 2014, Cole and Cowell confirmed reports that Cole has returned to "The X Factor" U.K. judging panel in 2014. On her Instagram account, she posted a photo of herself with her hands around Simon Cowell's neck, with this accompanying message: "GUESS WHAT!!.. I'm baaaacccckkkkk!!!! #iMayActuallyRingHisNeck #XFactor2014 #leggooo."

Cowell tweeted on March 10, 2014: “It’s official! Cheryl is back. Be careful what you wish for.”

Cole has replaced Sharon Osbourne, who returned to the show in 2013, which she said was her last year on the show. Osbourne was originally a judge on "The X Factor" U.K. from 2004 to 2007. In 2008, Osbourne was replaced by Cole. Louis Walsh has been an "X Factor" judge since the show's 2004 debut.

Cowell (who was originally a judge on "The X Factor" U.K. from 2004 to 2010) and Cole (who was a judge on the show from 2008 to 2010) left "The X Factor" U.K. judging panel to become judges on "The X Factor" U.S. in 2011. Cole was notoriously fired from "The X Factor" U.S. after just a few weeks on the job. She then said in several interviews, on Twitter, and in her 2012 memoir "Cheryl: My Story" that she never wanted to work with Cowell again because of the way he treated her during the firing. But now it's clear that Cole has some self-esteem problems since she has gone back to work for Cowell, whom she has described many times as a disrespectful and manipulative boss.

Scherzinger replaced Cole on "The X Factor" U.S. in 2011, but she was fired too after just one season with the show. In her memoir, Cole described Scherzinger as being weird and someone she did not completely trust. Scherzinger became a judge on "The X Factor" U.K. in 2012 and lasted until 2013. And now Scherzinger has apparently been fired from "The X Factor" again. She is just one of many examples of how Cowell like to play "musical chairs" with the female judges on his shows.

In 2013, Cole settled a $2.3 million lawsuit that she filed in 2012 against "The X Factor" U.S. for non-payment of salary. Cole's "X Factor" U.S. contract stated that she was to be paid for two seasons, even if she got fired. Cole claimed in the lawsuit that she was only paid for one season. Terms of the the settlement were not disclosed to the public.

According to the Daily Mirror, Cole signed a one-season deal to return to "The X Factor" U.K. for £1.5 million (which is $2.5 million in U.S. dollars.) An unnamed source told the Daily Mirror: “It’s really exciting. Simon is delighted that she is back. With him and her on the panel it’s a dream ticket. Simon was always very sad about the way things turned out over there and especially the way his relationship disintegrated. Slowly but surely they got things on an even keel and now they are stronger than ever. It was destiny they would be working together again.”

On Feb. 7, 2014, the same day it was announced that "The X Factor" U.S. was cancelled, Cowell announced that he is returning to "The X Factor" U.K. judging panel in 2014. He is replacing Gary Barlow, who was a judge on the show from 2011 to 2013. Barlow quit "The X Factor" U.K. because he said he wanted to focus on his music career, which includes a new album and tour from his singing group Take That.

Here is a sampling of Internet comments about Cole's "Crazy Stupid Love" video:

From Cheryl Cole's official Facebook page:

"Anybody that buys this is both crazy and stupid."

"That is awesome. I love this song. I think it would be better without tinie tempah he didnt suit those lyrics really."

"The champion MIMING QUEEN of all time, might look good but just can't sing!"

The Dance moves with that particular music is amazing. Her best work, the only, till date."

"She stole a couple of the moves from Babestation, naughty girl. Didn't like song when I first heard it, not her best song but Tinie makes up for that."

"I love this song, i cant wait till she brings an album out x 9 hours ago Tracey Jane she cant even mime lol."

"Crap song and video."

"Love you cheryl dont listen to the haters they cant hate you that much to like your facebook page then feel the need to comment that songs going to be number 1."

"Absolutely love this song and the video simply amazing Cheryl love you loads you always make me smile and happy with your music."

From Cheryl Cole's official Vevo channel on YouTube:

"Seriously people, why wast your time with all this "popular music" crap? There's some really cool music out there with less hits than this has had in just one day. People seem to make millions in pop music, just for being pretty."

"Her lead single is always the best song on the album. I wouldn't particularly call her an amazing artist. She hasn't got any vocal talent and her ability is extremely limited. The composition and instrumental of her songs have to be really good to counter her basic vocal talent."

"She is an amazing artist, but this song is so empty and pop plastic.
It´s a no for me. I hope she has better songs on the new album."

"SHE has sold due to popularity, not necessarily "talent" as all the girls in the band are equally as talented (some more so)... she has x factor to thank because most people didn't know or care for her before that. Same thing for Tulisa. Notice how they only release sing when in public eye ie tv shows, if it was about her solo career she would be singing regardless.. I dont dislike her but i just think lifes unfair sometimes."

"Like I said 'I' don't buy her as an artist, no soul in her voice or music. We both know it does not take much to be a "singer" these days. I like her but she is definitely getting by on her amazing looks, not her voice, and that's why I don't buy her as an artist. The artist thing just seems to forced to me. I would love to see her in some movies though."

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